Rhythm (Version) by Lando Kal from the album: Rhythm (Version) / Opinwide - White Label

Lando Kal - Rhythm - (Stillcold Records)

Lando Kal’s 1st of two huge releases in the past few months, the other being Maneuver, which completely switches up Robin S’ Show Me Love into a deep, pitch bent club track instead of the brilliant 90’s tune that it is. 

On Rhythm, Lando Kal, who also makes up one half of Lazer Sword, takes another brilliant 90’s dance track and makes it his own. Corona’s Rhythm Of The Night is turned into a bassy, jukey monster, with the vocal samples being used brilliantly throughout.
Released on the very young Stillcold Records, as a white label release (probably due to dodgy sampling), the B-Side, Opinwide is from an unheard artist, Stillcold Mysteres. They may be mysterious, but the track they’ve produced is solid, and provides a nice laid-back contrast with Lando Kal’s heavier Rhythm.

Snag this white-label 12” on Bleep or Red Eye while you still can, there’s no digital available.

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