Surph (feat. Nightwave) by Rustie from the album: Surph (feat. Nightwave)


Rustie - Surph (feat. Nightwave)

An edited version of one of the tracks off Glass Swords, new and improved with additional production and vocals from UK songstress Nightwave. Definitely my favorite version of Surph, I love the added R&B elements included in this remake.



Love What Happened Here by James Blake from the album: Love What Happened Here - EP

James Blake - Love What Happened Here - (R & S Records)

A return to the electronic underground scene for James Blake after his Mercury Prize nominated debut album got his name out in the big ol’ world of commercial music, and also after his somewhat dull and dry, bass-heavy Order release on Hemlock, the label that gave him his first (and in my opinion best) release, Air & Lack Thereof. 

Love What Happened Here sounds like something James Blake could have released between CMYK and Klavierwerke. It has the trademark use of his own voice as part of the music, but unlike Klavierwerke, here he only uses very brief snippets, distorted and not distorted.
Some very calming synths that wouldn’t sound amiss as a bonus track from The Bells Sketch and more of the amazing James Blake rhythms that were sorely missed from his album, apart from maybe on Unluck, make this a sort of return to form for James Blake, in the sense he is making weird and wonderful music you can still dance to. 

The other tracks on the EP are a bit heavier, and bassier than Love What Happened Here, and are certainly much more danceable, and are both good in their own rights. 
Definitely worth checking out the EP as a whole. You can pre-order the physical release here, and buy the digital here.

Rhythm (Version) by Lando Kal from the album: Rhythm (Version) / Opinwide - White Label

Lando Kal - Rhythm - (Stillcold Records)

Lando Kal’s 1st of two huge releases in the past few months, the other being Maneuver, which completely switches up Robin S’ Show Me Love into a deep, pitch bent club track instead of the brilliant 90’s tune that it is. 

On Rhythm, Lando Kal, who also makes up one half of Lazer Sword, takes another brilliant 90’s dance track and makes it his own. Corona’s Rhythm Of The Night is turned into a bassy, jukey monster, with the vocal samples being used brilliantly throughout.
Released on the very young Stillcold Records, as a white label release (probably due to dodgy sampling), the B-Side, Opinwide is from an unheard artist, Stillcold Mysteres. They may be mysterious, but the track they’ve produced is solid, and provides a nice laid-back contrast with Lando Kal’s heavier Rhythm.

Snag this white-label 12” on Bleep or Red Eye while you still can, there’s no digital available.

Hipbone by Vondelpark from the album: NYC Stuff And NYC Bags - EP

Vondelpark - Hipbone - (R&S Records)

From the same label that brought you James Blake’s post-dubstep/future whatever CMYK EP, and the more recent What You Do With What You Have acid-bass effort from Blawan, comes a really lovely ambient EP from Vondelpark, at first a one-man jobby from Surrey, now a London trio. They make very nice ambient music, and just look at the dog on the cover. It’ll make you smile

From the NYC Stuff And NYC Bags EP. Buy the 12” here cos it’s a bargain at £6, or be a cheap bastard and buy the digital here.

à la dance-n-think:

SBTRKT - Wildfire (Objekt remix)


Objekt really do a great job on tearing the original to shreds, and reworking it as something that’s refreshingly different after having played the original to death over the past few months.

From the brilliantly named SBJEKT EP. Buy the physical release here or here.

All Those Weird Things by Lone from the album: All Those Weird Things - Single

Lone - All Those Weird Things - (Wigflex)

Freaky and funky vibes from Lone, furthermore trademarking his own very distinct strange sound. Despite it’s wonky as fuck intro and seemingly out of place sample of a little girl describing what sounds like her packing her bags (???) this track will have you coming back for more. I know I’ve played it enough in the past couple of days.

This is the 5th release off relatively young label Wigflex, and was celebrated with a single sided 12” with this track on one side, and a very nice lazer sketch on the flip. This one was out in August so stocks are pretty much out on a lot of sites, so the Vinyl lovers might want to head here for the physical release, or here for the digital.

Surph by Rustie from the album: Glass Swords

Rustie - Surph - (Warp)

With Rustie’s debut Glass Swords hitting the shelves on October 10th, this Glaswegian producer doesn’t need any more hype for this upcoming album. But ah sure, it can’t hurt.

With some seriously delicious tasters from the album having been released in the past few months, Rustie has built up some well deserved exposure. Seriously, this record will have you smiling and dancing upon it’s release. It’s a shame it didn’t arrive at the start of Summer, because it’s one of the best feel good electronic albums I’ve heard in a long time. There is Daft Punk levels of joy in this album. Remember when you first heard Justice’s  or Soulwax’s Nite Versions? That is what you should expect from this debut.

On Surph there are some funky vibes, some tasty vocoded vocal samples and some 80’s sounding synths that really shouldn’t work, but oh God they do. Oh, and the album cover has some really nice artwork.

Glass Swords is out October 10th/11th, depending on where you are. Pre-order here

Lotus Flower (SBTRKT RMX) by Radiohead from the album: Bloom (Jamie xx RMX) / Separator (Anstam RMX) / Lotus Flower (SBTRKT RMX) - Single

Radiohead - Lotus Flower (SBTRKT RMX) - (Ticker Tape Ltd.)

From the last release in Radiohead’s remix series, which has featured some amazing artists, including Jacques Greene, Four Tet, Blawan and Modeselektor, to name but a few. The series of remixes of songs from their latest album The King Of Limbs, has spread over seven 12” singles, with nineteen remixes in total. These are all getting released together on a double CD, entitled RADIOHEAD TKOL RMX 1234567. Catchy as hell.

A lot of people have been complaining of Radiohead and Thom Yorke after the release of The King Of Limbs. Many of these complaints stemmed from the fact that the album was their shortest, at only 8 songs in total. But I think that through this remix collection it breathes a new life into their tracks, and gets the name out there for a lot of producers whose main fanbase wouldn’t be in the same camp as Radiohead’s. Will we end up with forty year old dads listening to Nathan Fake and Pearson Sound
No, obviously not. But at least we get more Radiohead and more lovely clever electronic music.

The entire RADIOHEAD TKOL RMX double album will be available on double-CD in mid October and to download now. Buy here

High Rise by Dark Sky from the album: High Rise / Armour - Single

Dark Sky - High Rise - (Blunted Robots)

Well, I’m seeing Dark Sky play in Decoy in Dublin tonight, so I can’t resist posting one of their tunes. High Rise, slowly sucks you in with some sexy synths, lets things all drop off, then delivers an tribal-drum bass onslaught. 

This track is right up Blunted Robots' alley. They've delivered some serious bass beats from Martin Kemp, Shortstuff and Brackles. This change of direction on the High Rise / Armour single for Dark Sky towards a more aggressive bass sound works out seriously well for them, and adds a certain finesse to a genre that can sometimes seem repetitive and plain.

From the High Rise / Armour single. Buy here

Need You by C.R.S.T from the album: Revival - EP

C.R.S.T - Need You - (Well Rounded)

A lively upbeat tune from the Welsh quartet of C.R.S.T. These guys have some quality EPs and singles but don’t seem to be getting the recognition they respect. With their second release on Deep Thrills just released this week, I felt it necessary to post some of their earlier stuff before digging into their new EP. Need You's got a lovely diced up sample, some cheeky horn-like synths, it's bound to brighten anyone's day.

From the Revival EP. Buy here